Deck List Dump: Donphan, TS-2

This section, entitled "Deck List Dump," will be used whenever I either can't think of anything else good to type about, or am otherwise unwilling. I don't guarantee that the lists will be 100% amazing; however, there won't be vomit-inducing theme decks, and they will almost certainly give you a new perspective you might not have considered.

I intend to post my next four CC tournament reports for the next few days after this, but for now, consider this relatively rogue approach to 'Phan:

Pokemon (16):

4 Phanpy HS
4 Donphran Prime HS
4 Uxie LA
3 Crobat G
1 Mesprit LA

Trainers/Stadiums/Supporters (34):

4 Broken Time-Space
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Bebe's Search
4 Super Scoop Up
4 Poke Turn
4 Junk Arm
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Technical Machine TS-2
2 Expert Belt
2 Warp Point
1 Luxury Ball

Energy (10):

10 Fighting

If you want a good matchup versus Luxchomp, yet a competitive game versus evolution decks, then this is certainly a viable option. However, even with TS-2, the Gyarados game is rough, so you may consider 2 Bubble Coat, 4 Poke-Drawer/1 Bubble Coat, or a 1-1-1 Exploud SV line.

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