Highlighting HeyTrainer's Best Retro Articles

Tables of Contents

0. Introduction
1. Luxchomp (John Kettler)
2. Porydonk (Jason Wyndham)
3. "Staying Clean in a Dirty World" (Billy Kettler)
4. Pitfalls in Preparation (John Kettler)
5. 2011 National Champion's Report (Justin Sanchez)



I'd be remiss without giving some sort of substantive update today and break our great track record so far! Fact is, reviving a blog which had otherwise been inactive for several years is easier said than done. However, We're committed to offering you the best original content for free, and to making HeyTrainer a bastion for the community.

The article title is misleading -- I won't be making this a weekly column. However, I know a lot of our previous articles have nuggets of wisdom, and especially a ton of history for those retro format buffs among you. Therefore, I've compiled links to the articles I feel will best help educate you today!


Pick #1: Luxchomp Part 2

Why it's relevant: To this day, new players are fascinated by old decks. Luxchomp is among the most dominant decks of the old school formats, to the point where everything everyone wrote about for months on end was Luxchomp! In this article is the list which proves just how absurd mirror became, as well as how nuanced the lists were.

Pick #2: PoryDonk

Why it's relevant: Unlike the above, this article is actually relevant to you right now. Why? Because nothing rotates in Unlimited, and Unlimited will never go away! There is always some Unlimited tournament somewhere, and the most historically renowned deck of the Unlimited format is the dreaded Porydonk. It's been several years since the article, and therefore I doubt the build is optimal. However, it is without any doubt in my mind sufficiently powerful to tear down Unlimited events.

 Pick #3: Pokemon Health: Staying Clean in a Dirty World

Why it's relevant: Everyone understands that card shops are generally dirty, nasty, filthy places. We also understand that Pokemon players are lacking in hygeine at times, as well. Drrtybylf guides the readers through some seriously good advice on how to cope.

Pick #4: Pitfalls in Preparation

Why it's relevant: This is so useful, it's a re-post of a re-post. In this article, I examine the pitfalls people suffer during last-minute prep.

I'm a long-time premium content author. Many of the  premium articles I've written for SixPrizes, Pokebeach, and 60cards have had a more abstract focus. The reasons I write articles like these are two-fold:

  1. I "teach a Trainer how to fish," which feels a lot more rewarding to me as someone who's been paid for Pokemon;
  2. I produce an article which has long-term or even timeless value to the player base;
  3. It's the easiest way to share my direct experiences and stories to the next generation of players.

"Pitfalls" may be short, but it's still one of my personal favorites. It also in a weird way helped me achieve greater accomplishments, because it forced me to take a good, hard look at what separated me from who I regarded as higher-tier players at the time.

Pick #5:
2011 Masters National Champion Report

Why it matters: This is the report from a former National Champion in a 1,000-person tournament -- it kinda speaks for itself! Also highlights the legendary "secret deck that never was," Magnezone/Yanmega.



For those reading Picks 1, 2, and 5, I hope you had an excellent blast from the past; and for those reading Picks 3 and 4, I hope you gathered something which will be immediately helpful for the upcoming Regional Championships!